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Byzantine & Christian Monuments


Saint John The Baptist

Our Lady Yatrissa

Agios Fanourios

St. Andrew

Christ's Resurrection

St George

Monastery of St Marina

Nunnery of the Holy Trinity

Our Lady "tou Prathi"

On the Road to Perachora

St Paraskeve

Monastery of John the Baptist

Monastery of St Gerasimos & St Panteleimon

Monastery of the Prophet Elijah

Monastery of St Paul

Nunnery of Hosios Patapios


The Holy Church of the Assumption

St Demetrius

Cruch of the Greate Archangels

St Blaise

Our Lady 'Zoodochos Pigi'

The Prophet Elijah

Crhurch of the Seven Maccabees

Monastery of St Nicholas 'the Younger'

St Nicholas at the Heraion

Our Lady 'Ipapanti'

St George 


St Athanasius

St Paraskeve

St George

SCHINOS  (ancient oenoe)


The Transfiguration

St Blaise


The Transfiguration


The Transfiguration As we head down towards the sea at Schinos, we come to the church of the Transfiguration, which over the course of the centuries has undergone frequent alterations and additions. In earlier times, it was a groin-vaulted building, but today it is a single-aisled structure with a vaulted roof. The ornamentation of the window in the semicircular sanctuary apse takes the form of a dog-toothed band of ceramics, which means that the earliest building phase can be dated back to the twelfth or thirteenth century. To the east are the foundations of a semicircular apse, which presumably belonged to an earlier and much larger church.