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Byzantine & Christian Monuments


Saint John The Baptist

Our Lady Yatrissa

Agios Fanourios

St. Andrew

Christ's Resurrection

St George

Monastery of St Marina

Nunnery of the Holy Trinity

Our Lady "tou Prathi"

On the Road to Perachora

St Paraskeve

Monastery of John the Baptist

Monastery of St Gerasimos & St Panteleimon

Monastery of the Prophet Elijah

Monastery of St Paul

Nunnery of Hosios Patapios


The Holy Church of the Assumption

St Demetrius

Cruch of the Greate Archangels

St Blaise

Our Lady 'Zoodochos Pigi'

The Prophet Elijah

Crhurch of the Seven Maccabees

Monastery of St Nicholas 'the Younger'

St Nicholas at the Heraion

Our Lady 'Ipapanti'

St George 


St Athanasius

St Paraskeve

St George

SCHINOS  (ancient oenoe)


The Transfiguration

St Blaise



Off Cape Olmia are the four islets called the Alcyonides. The name, meaning 'kingfisher islands', is derived from the fact that since very ancient times there were the birds Alkiones, which were protected (in the matter of climate) by Gods for 15 days in the winter in order to bear their children.  So these days were named Alkionides days since they are always sunny days.  The individual names of the islets are Zoodochos Pigi, Daskaleio, Glaronisi and Prasonisi. Shreds of Corinthian pottery have been found on Daskaleio, together with traces of a polygonal wall.On Zoodochos Piyi, there are many more remnants of ancient buildings, and there is also a monastery of Our Lady, which was founded in the twelfth century and is still occupied. According to the tradition, the catholicon of the monastery was built on the foundations of an ancient temple to Castor and Đ´llu¸. The church is dedicated to the Dormition of Our Lady and is of the cruciform domed architectural type. In its interior are notable ecclesiastical vessels and icons. A famous triptych icon called 'Our Lady of Kalanisa', depicting the Virgin and Child is kept now in the church of the Great Archangels in Perachora.