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Byzantine & Christian Monuments


Saint John The Baptist

Our Lady Yatrissa

Agios Fanourios

St. Andrew

Christ's Resurrection

St George

Monastery of St Marina

Nunnery of the Holy Trinity

Our Lady "tou Prathi"

On the Road to Perachora

St Paraskeve

Monastery of John the Baptist

Monastery of St Gerasimos & St Panteleimon

Monastery of the Prophet Elijah

Monastery of St Paul

Nunnery of Hosios Patapios


The Holy Church of the Assumption

St Demetrius

Cruch of the Greate Archangels

St Blaise

Our Lady 'Zoodochos Pigi'

The Prophet Elijah

Crhurch of the Seven Maccabees

Monastery of St Nicholas 'the Younger'

St Nicholas at the Heraion

Our Lady 'Ipapanti'

St George 


St Athanasius

St Paraskeve

St George

SCHINOS  (ancient oenoe)


The Transfiguration

St Blaise


Holy Trinity

What is called the 'German road' leads east of Loutraki and after 10 km. of fine scenery brings us to the nunnery of the Holy Trinity, set amid the serenity of the verdant forest. The nunnery was founded in 1962 on a site which since 1933 had been occupied by a chapel built by the nun Christodoule. It is a dependency of Esphigmenou Monastery on Mt Athos, and follows the Old Calendar: Today there are seven nuns. Nearby are the chapels of Our lady 'Zoodochos Piyi' (1969), of Sts Cosmas and Damien, and of Our lady 'Aghia Skepe'. Also in the vicinity is the spot known as Golgotha, where there are schematic depictions of the divine drama.