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2500 years of History & Culture
The History Of Loutraki
The land of Peraea
The Heraion of Perachora
The Vouliagmeni lagoon
Mycenean tombs at Skaloma
The Roman villa -
The medicinal baths of Loutraki
The Alcyonides islets
The Diolkos and the Corinth Canal
The Isthmian Walls
The Sanctuary of Poseidon
The Isthmian Games
Ancient Corinth


Off Cape Olmia lie four islets - Zoodochos Pigi, Daskalio, Glaronisi and Prasonisi- known collectively as the Alcyonides or the Kalanisa.


The remains of ancient permanent or semi-permanent settlements have come to light on the islets: Daskakio has yielded the sherds of Corinthian pottery and traces of a polygonal wall, while pre­Christian sherds and more traces of buildings have been discovered on Zoodochos Pigi